Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psoriasis Triggers

Psoriasis triggers for the flare-ups are varied and affect each psoriasis sufferer differently. Once you are aware of what triggers your psoriasis, you will become better able to manage your psoriasis.

1. Stress is also another factor that weakens the immune system leading to a breakout of psoriasis. Learning to manage stress is one of the ways that you can control psoriasis flare-ups. Managing stress whether emotional, anxiety related, etc, is the first step to improving your general well being.

2. Cuts and other injuries on the skin usually lead to psoriasis flare-ups. Any scratch or cut on the skin may lead to infection which can then trigger psoriasis. Treating a cut, abrasion or other skin injury immediately is one way to curb the spread of infection.

3. Psoriasis triggers include suffering from an illness. One of the most common illnesses that leads to a psoriasis breakout is strep throat. Learning to manage your illnesses quickly and improving your general health to avoid illnesses in one of the best ways to combat psoriasis and improve your general health.

4. Some medications including psoriasis medications may aggravate psoriasis and trigger psoriasis in some cases. Do discuss the various medications that you are taking and their impact on psoriasis with your doctor before you start taking the medications.

The above psoriasis triggers are only a few factors that may lead to psoriasis flare-ups. Learn how to properly manage the triggers to ward off psoriasis.

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