Battling Scalp Psoriasis

One of the most difficult types of psoriasis to treat is scalp psoriasis and in many cases many treatment regimens will have to be followed consistently including the use of home remedies for psoriasis, various ointments and drugs, etc. Scalp psoriasis is one of the most common types of psoriasis and is also very persistent which can be very disheartening to many sufferers.

It is also very noticeable to other people in severe cases which can be embarrassing because it can look like a severe case of dandruff which no one wants to have to deal with or explain. Because scalp psoriasis is persistent, it is important to not lose hope of finding a treatment method including home remedies for psoriasis that will keep scalp psoriasis symptoms at bay.

What is Scalp Psoriasis?

The scalp is one of the most difficult areas to treat when affected by psoriasis and scalp psoriasis usually affects about 50% of psoriasis sufferers. Scalp psoriasis is usually evidenced by thick silvery white scales on the scalp. It can affect small areas of the scalp or can cover the entire scalp.

These scales can stick together and become dense and lead to itching and scratching or picking at these itchy scales will only make the condition worse. While it may seem only natural to scratch when there is an itch, with psoriasis, it is advisable not to do so as it will not make the condition better.

Scalp psoriasis may affect the areas behind the ears or the hair line but in severe cases, it can cover the entire scalp. It may also affect the ear canal and if enough scales develop, hearing may be impaired. Scalp psoriasis even when it covers the entire scalp does not usually lead to hair loss since it does not usually affect the hair follicles. Only in severe cases of scalp psoriasis will hair loss occur which is usually reversible when proper treatment including home remedies for psoriasis are used to control the condition.

The embarrassment associated with scalp psoriasis usually develops with severe cases of this condition when silvery scales covering the scalp flake off and drop onto the shoulders. Since these resemble dandruff, it can be off putting for other people including the sufferer and lead to great misery but it is important to know that no matter how severe, there is a treatment that will work to control this condition.

Keep hope alive!

Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis

While many treatments have been found to work effectively at treating scalp psoriasis including home remedies for psoriasis, the following are common types of effective treatment options. Do remember also that while one treatment method will work for one sufferer, it may not work for another sufferer. This does not mean that all hope of finding an effective treatment is lost. It simply means that you need to continue searching until one day you find a solution that will work for you and help you to declare freedom from being bound by embarrassing scalp psoriasis.

1. Shampoos

Medicated shampoos are usually the first way to attack scalp psoriasis. Shampoos that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, tar, selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione can help to reduce or eliminate the thick scales on the scalp. When purchasing shampoos, do look for those containing these active ingredients.

2. Anthralin

While not as frequently prescribed as in the past, because it is quite messy like tar, Anthralin can be effective for treating scalp psoriasis but can discolor clothing, skin, blonde and gray hair as well as nails. It is usually available in various concentrations.

Anthralin is considered one of the effective treatments for scalp psoriasis because it can slow down the rapid cell turnover commonly associated with psoriasis that leads to the buildup of scales on the scalp. It is also great at reducing inflammation also associated with the development of psoriasis symptoms.

The treatment can be applied to the skin and washed off after 20 to 30 minutes. Anthralin in lower concentrations can be left on for longer periods. It is however not recommended for those with sore or tender psoriatic skin as it can lead to irritation of the scalp.

3.  Topical Vitamin D

These topical analogues (e.g. Daivonex, Dovonex) can be used alone to treat scalp psoriasis or used with other topical treatment regimens which can be more effective at treating this condition.

4. Topical Steroids

Scalp treatments that contain steroids can help to reduce the redness or inflammation associated with scalp psoriasis.  These can be used topically in the form of gels, lotions, foams or solutions that are applied directly to the affected scalp areas.

The above are only a few treatment methods for scalp psoriasis. Also visit the home remedies for psoriasis page for remedies for scalp psoriasis that you can make at home with ingredients commonly found in the kitchen which may be effective for your condition while not bleeding you dry.

Here are some products that have also been effective for many scalp psoriasis sufferers;

Home Health Psoriasis Medicated Scalp & Body Wash

This shampoo contains 2% salicylic acid which as noted above is an important ingredient in the treatment of scalp psoriasis. 

This shampoo works to control the redness, itching, scaling and irritation associated with psoriasis. It is a gentle cleanser that is effective for not only the body but the scalp as well and contains no preservatives or artificial colors. For more information and to read the positive customer reviews, click below.

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo

The Dead Sea has been known for many centuries for containing many healing properties although they are not fully understood. In the past decades, the area has become something of a health resort for many people with many health problems with psoriasis being quite common. For more discussion on why the dead sea has proven beneficial for sufferers seeking climatotherapy, click here.

This Dead Sea Minerals present in mud form provides relief for an irritated and dry scalp leaving the hair and scalp moisturized, fuller and manageable.
It also features the beneficial Vitamin E which strengthens the hair root as well as Chamomile which will leave your hair hair soft and flexible.
This formula which is based upon Dead Sea Mud will bring relief from the symptoms of Seborrhea Dermatitis, Psoriasis as well as other scalp conditions.

For more information and for the many positive customer reviews, click below.

Cleopatra's Choice African Black Soap - 12oz

Just like mud soap has become very popular, another soap that has become quite popular is the African Black soap and has proven very beneficial for treating various conditions besides psoriasis such as acne, eczema and other skin blemishes.

African Black Soap is made with all natural virgin palm kernel oi as well as which is made with the ashes of plantain leaves, a rich source of iron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A which are all beneficial and help create healthy skin. It is a natural cleanser for both skin and hair/scalp.

For more information on African black soap as well as the many positive customer reviews, click below.

Adovia Total Dead Sea Vacation - Gift Basket

For the total Dead Sea experience without actually going to the Dead Sea area, this gift basket is beneficial especially for the psoriasis sufferer.  For more on all the goodies from the Dead Sea contained in this gift basket as well as positive customer reviews, click below.