Thursday, June 16, 2011

Importance of Positive Thinking In Fighting Psoriasis

Many a battle is lost because of the state of the mind and this is especially true for a psoriasis sufferer. While various treatment options including home remedies for psoriasis, following a psoriasis diet, etc, have the potential to help control psoriasis, victory first starts in the mind and will determine whether you continue fighting this disease especially when nothing seems to be working.

Negative Thoughts and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a difficult disease to fight especially since there is currently no known cure for this chronic skin condition of unknown origin. Due to the lack of a known cure, it is possible to let the spirit of negativity take over your emotions which is the first step in defeat.

Wallowing in negative emotions and thoughts usually keeps most people exactly where they are. Bad stuff happens. Sickness and disease happen. You are not the only one with psoriasis and you will not be the last. People are being born every day that will suffer from psoriasis. About 2% of the population has psoriasis.  Negativity is what keeps people from healing quickly, if at all.

Negativity allows you to give up and simply accept your lot in life and stop the search for an effective remedy including the continued search for effective home remedies for psoriasis or a proper psoriasis diet thereby allowing the disease to claim another victory.

Negativity allows you to think that you are powerless over the disease and there is nothing that you can do that will help you to obtain relief and keep psoriasis flare-ups to a minimum if at all, especially in the absence of a known psoriasis cure.

The Power of Positive Thinking

It cannot be explained but having positive thoughts will help you be victorious over any battle in life including psoriasis. Replacing negative energy with positive thoughts will allow you to take the power back from this disease and while the battle may be long and at times difficult, you will be sure to obtain victory if you remain positive.

It may be difficult to change from negative thoughts to positive thoughts but as long as you make a conscious effort every day to think only positive thoughts, it will become easier and easier to not automatically think negative thoughts every time some new treatment, diet change or home remedy for psoriasis does not work for you especially if it worked for someone else. Positive thoughts will keep you from wallowing in self pity which is another negative emotion.

One way to change your negative thoughts is to start with daily affirmations which will greatly help you eliminate negative energy. While negative thoughts will keep you stuck in a bad situation and stop you from even trying, positive thoughts will energize you to continue the search for the treatments, home remedies for psoriasis or to follow and stick to a proper psoriasis diet because you BELIEVE and KNOW that you will find the effective remedy for your psoriasis and claim your victory over this disease.

Because each case of psoriasis is different, treatment options will vary and what will work for one person will not work for another which means that there will be a lot of trial and error involved on the road to recovery from psoriasis. You will have to go through various medications and visits to your doctor. You will have to try various home remedies for psoriasis. You will need to tweak various aspects of your diet to find the most effective psoriasis diet, and so forth. This continued effort until you find a solution will require persistence and you will only persist if you have a positive attitude.

Affirmations that you can use include "everyday and in every way, I am getting healthier and stronger," "I am healed," "I have overcome psoriasis," etc. Visualizing yourself healed will also help you generate the positive energy to fight this condition. Keeping this picture of yourself in perfect health will help you greatly in times of great struggle.

You will not be able to overcome psoriasis until you eliminate your negative thoughts and cultivate a positive state of mind. A positive mindset will keep you motivated in the search for effective medications, home remedies for psoriasis, a proper psoriasis diet, etc, and you will be one step closer to a cure for your psoriasis. Start cultivating a positive mindset today with various affirmations.

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  1. Never understimate the power of positive thought. I just read a book about a lady who beat cancer through positive thought and attempts to understand illness through psychological causes. I have been looking into psoriasis treatment as I was diagnosed 3 years ago and haven't found anything to be particularly effective in the long term - but will certainly be giving this a go!